Need help choosing Shimano components, or….?

Rich W.

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I have a Specialized Tero 3.0 (my wife’s bike) and while its a nice bike and a good platform to work with, I need to modify the drive train for our type of riding. Currently it has the following hub and cassette:

hub: Shimano MT400-B, Centerlock, 12x148 Boost, 32h
cassette: Shimano CS-HG400, 9-speed, 11-36t

I spent a lot of time looking at various options on the Shimano website, but there are so many variables and I am not certain which part is compatible with what hub. I think I’m working with an HG system (Hyper-glide?) but still not sure what to get.

What I want is an 11 speed cassette, preferably 11-46, or maybe even 11-50, and a good (higher quality) 11 speed derailleur and shifter. I have a Praxis 44T chainring to go with the rest of the system, and while it works well with the existing cassette, it naturally doesn’t have sufficient gearing at the low end.

I did a similar upgrade on my Tero 5.0 (very successfully) with SRAM components and have left over parts, but I’m quite certain the cassette wont fit the Shimano hub, so a Shimano 11 speed cassette is most likely the answer. And if it makes a difference, I‘ll stick with other Shimano components on this bike. If I go with Shimano derailleur I’ll also want the best functioning Shimano shifter.

My left over 11 speed derailleur is a SRAM GX long cage 11 speed. If that’s as good as a quality Shimano 11 speed derailleur and will work, I’ll use it; otherwise I‘ll buy one of Shimano’s better derailleurs. As I said, this is my wife's bike and I don’t want any complaints or complications.

I could just drop this in the hands of my LBS, but I’d like some opinions from experienced folks about the best components for this upgrade before I do that. . A little research in advance will make this a successful, quality upgrade and head off any issues.
Just saw this after responding to your other thread.

The SRAM cassette from your 5.0 should fit on your wife's 3.0 since SRAM uses the same hub style/threading as Shimano, unless it's the special SRAM XD hub, which would mean the cassette has a 10 tooth top gear (which yours doesn't).

I have the SRAM GX stuff on our two bikes and love it. We're on the 12-speed 10-50 cassette (with XD hub) though.