My new Fuel Gage arrived.


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It works perfectly.


I ordered this to go with it,..
I'll just stick the dial face to the bike somewhere.


I'd remove my KT display, but the ebike won't run without it.

I'd leave my phone at home too, but I might need to call a tow truck or an ambulance if things go to shyte. 😂
Don't really get the anti digital thing but glad you like it.

If the cell phone is bothering you too you could always go with one of these:

It works perfectly.

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I ordered this to go with it,..
I'll just stick the dial face to the bike somewhere.

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I'd remove my KT display, but the ebike won't run without it.

I'd leave my phone at home too, but I might need to call a tow truck or an ambulance if things go to shyte. 😂
Just below my display, I have an old Timex. It’s wrapped around a very large rubber shim. I saw someone else do this. My phone doesn’t have an “always on” feature, so I can’t really use my phone for time. I should probably look for an app. haha
These are my settings.


I turned everything all the way down.
My power is cut in half, and I turned my throttle gears down to 28%, so first gear is maximum 10 kph.
(I can turn it down further but I need to go at least 10 kph to engage the cruise control.)

Then I fully charged my new 25ah 48v battery from @Jenny Mao and went to see how far I could go on a charge.

I went 83.6 km before the controller finally cut out at 39v


I went for a 5½ hour ride (including a ½ hr stop.)
I didn't pedal AT ALL. I was all throttle. Lol
(I had to pedal at the end to help it accelerate or the voltage sag would cut out the controller.)
I added a second mirror.
The wind was pushing on my left mirror/handlebar which made riding no hands difficult.
Two mirrors push more evenly on the handlebars.

I was surprised that my ass held out for 5 hours.
Not pedaling probably helped?

I do have a pretty cushy Selle Royal saddle that I added a gell seat and suspension seat post to.


Screenshot_20230429-172158_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Mr. Tuffy liners to install,..


I'm trying to decide whether to leave the Tannus inserts in the tires as well?
I've also have Flat Out in my tubes.

I really don't want a flat tire, especially on the rear.
I finally got my voltmeter installed.
I wired it into my headlight output, so I can turn it on and off with the light switch in the display.


I'm really liking it.
It's really tangible and easy to to read.
You can see the voltage sag under load and bounce back when the motor is cut.

Now to get a feel for the display.
The needle probably travels through the green area much faster than it travels through the white area.
I just saw this post of an electric motorcycle (technically an ebike because it has pedals. (but they're fricken useless.))


I like the front end !!
I want one!!
There's no reason why they can't put a functional working crank on a bike like that!

I don't think that I can install a motorcycle or dirt bike front end on my frame but I am going to at least install fork boots on my stanchions.

Screenshot_20230930-165018_Amazon Shopping.jpg

I get all kinds of gritty dust that grinds into my stanchions.

Not having fork boots is stupid.
I guess they weigh too much and don't look 😎?
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Cool idea for the stanchions. I'm always wiping mine down.


Not covering up the the stanchions is just fricken stupid!!
Do they really weigh too much?

The dust that I get on my stanchions is from the gravel roads I ride on.
That's the stuff that you use to make sandpaper.

It sticks to the grease and fork lube and grinds away at the stanchions.
The stantions get very dirty. I’ve got my turn signals mounted to a bracket on my stantions. I have my fork set pretty stiff. I don’t want the brackets to crash into the upper fork arch (I got to find the name for that). Anyhow, I should probably move them. Once I do that, I’d like to rebuild my fork. Since they regularly get so dirty. Haven’t touched my fork since I got the bike a couple of years ago. I like the boot idea.
I rode 72 km today with over 3 hours in the saddle.


I went from 54.0 volts to 46.5 volts on my 48V 25ah battery with no pedaling.
Wow! That’s awesome. How fast were you going? What was your average speed?

Around 22 kph.
No hands for over half the ride.
I was going 32 kph for a bit, but that really drains the battery.

Going around 22 kph uses less than 250 Watts.
32 kph uses up to 700 Watts.

I was going 27 kph with a tail wind on the asphalt using less than 200 Watts. (All level ground)
Wow! That’s awesome. How fast were you going? What was your average speed?

I went for another ride yesterday and took some pictures of the display when I got home. (I kinda forgot that my display shows average and top speed. 😂)


So I still had about 4.5 volts left before the voltage sag starts to kick out my controller.

However, those last 4.5 volts get used up a lot faster than the first 4.5 volts.
I've also found that the first volt gets used up pretty fast too.

I've found that when I get to 47 volts (the needle starts into the green area at 48 volts) I've got around 20 km of range left if I keep my power output at around 250 Watts.


The wind is the biggest factor that affects my range followed by the road surface, so keeping an eye on my Watt meter is really important.

I remember going as slow as 18 kph into the wind on pavement last month using ~400 Watts, and then going with the wind at 32 kph using less than 200 Watts.

I was on the pavement a few days ago with the throttle locked using ~200 Watts, then I went onto the gravel shoulder and my Watts went to over 350 Watts, then into the grass beside the gravel shoulder and my power went to over 450 Watts.

Riding on the grass was really smooth and I figured that I was using less power than the gravel, but I was using quite a bit more.
Wow. That's a good ride! Nice distance and cozy speed. Your battery gives you lots of freedom. I see it's 48v 25ah, from Jenny. What cells did they use?

One of the many things I've learned fro @AHicks is to charge your battery when it reaches 46v. I understand why now. When the voltage gets under 47v, the battery starts working harder to deliver the wattage you are requiring. The battery starts to build heat. My battery is 13s 4p of 35E cells. I think the battery might be the next thing I upgrade, but I can't justify the expense when my current battery operates just fine. I don't need any extra range as I use my bike strictly for commuting and the odd errand here and there. So a second, mounted, battery isn't wanted. I think a 52v battery might be the best upgrade I could get while keeping the reention rhino ir-5 (smaller) case. I'm stuck with that size, unless I file down (78mm) the frame to account for the size of the ir-21700 (which I don't want to do as I will lose room for my controller). All though, if I mount the controller externally, I can file 3 inches down to fit the longer battery.......hmmm. nah

How did you lock the throttle? Cruise control?

The wind is a real battery suck. So much, unavoidable, resistance. Though I do like how it feels when it is 90F. :)