Mongoose Dolomite Ebike Budget Build for my Buddy


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A good friend of mine is in need of some cheap transport, so being the good friend that I am, I'm building him a budget ebike.

Starting Point:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

NEW Mongoose Dolomite 7 speed fat tire bike.

The motivation: Cheaper generic chinese 500w/36v dir drive front drive hub motor.
The battery: luna cycle 36v/20AH pack.
Luna-cycle frame Bag for controller/battery.

I rec'd and assembled the bike sans motor this afternoon.

* super light compared to my sondors. ..... of course it has no motor/controller. But I'm guessing it will wgt less.
* terrible brakes. I'll try to install my sondors 165mm front disc, and some aftermarket pads all around and see if it get's better than "suicidal mode".
* The left crank arm pedal hole was cut off center.... so it pedals in a strange pattery... not centered.... found a replacement crank on fleabay cheap.
* pedalling the 7spd around my drive is pretty sweet. The lower gears really make this bike more useable than the single speed sondors.

I'll put up some perf specs/impressions and comparision to my sondors 2wd after I install the motor/controller/battery later this week.

My buddy is super stoked about this build.

Cheers - ONE4TQ
I put a special value on my friends. Intangible :)

Just got back from a click around the block on this dolomite sans motor.... and wow what a work out....... holy cow is this an in-efficient way to travel at higher than 5mph :)
Do not buy this in stock form.

Can't wait for the little box of e-power to go onto this needy beastie.

Luna cycle battery got rejected by UPS and sent back to sender...... so it will be delayed. I've got one of my other frog batteries for testing in the mean time.
Electric motors would almost seem to be a necessity on a fat-tire bike...unless you look like this pair:

Installed the motor/controller tonight....... it's a pretty sweet bike.
The stock dolomite brakes are just a joke...... I installed the stock sondors 165mm disc, that helped..... but I'll prob upgrade the calipers to something better off fleabay. Can't have my buddy hurt from my concoction.
The dolomite is light wgt... and the little dir drive 36v/500watt motor really moves on out. I'll gps tomorrow.
Unlike the sondors, this little dolomite is more bmx like... it's toss able if you care about that.

Only had to do a wee bit of grinding to center the front hub in the steel forks.

Added a tq arm for safety.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Almost complete. Waiting for the Luna Cycle 36v battery which will go in the frame bag. Temp wires/post frog battery just for testing purposes.

compare to sondors 2wd:
* Sondors is more comfortable upright position
* this is lighter than sonders... and with that comes more flex.
* Moves on out well with the 500w/36 dir drive hub motor.

will get top speed tonight with fresh battery. hoping we see >26mph..... more to come.
I'll let my friend decide on the following things I would do if I kept it:
1. Cut the handle bars down... too wide.
2. keep the super padded seat in pic.
3. Paint rear rim black... up to him.
You are a real good friend!!! You did a good job!
You could paint the front rim red , if you think you could match the color of the rear rim. But that is just me. I think it would stand out more with the red rim. FLASH!! :D
Keep looking up! Ken.
thx ken.
after looking at this front hub motor wheel.... I see a threaded boss on the hub for a cassette....... I wonder if I could install this in the rear wheel position, and fit the gear cassettte to this dir drive wheel?
I got 25mph with a weak battery..... going to try a higher AH 36v battery tomorrow for top speed. thinking is should match my sondors with same wheel/battery.... 26mph. but we'll see.
So on the topic of helping others. I speak and jabber a lot about ebikes and bikes. Most of my Co-workers don't understand why I want to bike year round, or sell my car and cycle everyday, which is fine, but one of them did approach me and inquire about ebikes. He told me his needs and that he's traveling to Washington and plans on working and attending college, but doesn't want to have to spend money to fix his car, because it costs more than what he paid. So we talked and I showed him a few bikes. He really liked the e-Joe Epik SE 2015 model.

I'm not building him a bike per say, but I've definitely helped him save 1000$ in the coming future, and help him with his eco/park ranger lifestyle.