Moda rack bag recommendations


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Hey all! New Moda owner and delighted with my purchase. I am using it primarily for my commute, and need to be able to carry a small load (lunch, glasses, wallet). The integrated rack seems too narrow to properly support the rack bag I purchased and I’m curious what others are using for onboard storage.
I use a Roswheel Bike bag that attaches to the seat stem. The thought was for a water bottle, cell, and a tool or two. However, the seat stem is not high enough for it to sit properly. I would not recommend this bag or a bag attaching to the seat stem. And it is certainly too small for your purpose.

I am now looking at something larger that would sit on the rack. However, don't want to replace the rack as Chopperbill suggests.

I've had the bike for about 3 months now. The original seat was very uncomfortable and I replaced it with a Sunlite Cloud 9 which seems to be working well.

Other than the seat I am enjoying the bike. I wish you the best of luck with it. Would be curious with your review of the bike as a commuter once you have had some experience with it. And I will be watching your posts to see what you decide on a for a bag.

All the best.
Thank you both for your input! Chopperbill, did you have to remove the integrated rack to add the Iberia? I would rather not as I love the clean lines of the rack and fender, but I have a similar rack on my previous (pedal only) bike that could work. I honestly hadn’t checked to see if this was a possibility.

JohnJ, I will likely swap out my Brooks B17 for the stock saddle. Doesn’t necessarily match the color scheme but it is well seasoned and fits me like nothing else. Please let me know if you find a suitable bag.

Only about 50 miles in so far, but I am thoroughly impressed with this bike. My only previous experience with an ebike was demoing a high end Specialized mountain bike and that was perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels. It was between the Moda and a Juiced, and I found an amazing deal that I’m glad I jumped on. Quite impressive build quality and an absolute joy to ride. This will be my primary commuter as the weather permits.

I bought the Topeak trunk bag with integrated panniers on the sides. I also got the Topeak rack and installed it over the top of the existing rack. I did not remove the built in rack, and the new rack fits over top and provides a wide stable platform for trunk bags. The one thing that I don't like is that the new bags have smaller middle compartment but bigger panniers. I have an older Topeak bag and the center compartment is huge.
same rack on my dash 3+. I use a single pannier that clips onto the rack rail. Carrys everything and then some. I found mine on CL for about $30.