Mixed Feelings


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Hi all, I'm Chris and I'm from the UK.

I was until recently the proud owner of an xduro allmtn pro but it died and after many weeks of baring with the dealer who seemed pretty lost and Raleigh (the U.K. Importer) who seem all over the place, I ended up demanding a replacement - so in 2017 I will take delivery of one of the Allmtn 8.0's.

Slight nervous about the new forks and the 8 speed cassette when trying to use eco but I will have to judge it when I have it, for now, after 30+ years of only looking at and using mountain bikes I have invested in a carbon road bike - amazingly over 20miles the 2 bikes are only 15 minutes apart, guess that's 7kg vs 22kg

I'm 34 with a bum knee through rugby and a neighbours house fire, my old GT, and XCR3000 from 1999 requires too much pressure from my knee to I explored the electric route - solved the issue unfortunately poor reliability and a poor dealer have made that a short lived solution - I hope 2017 brings some reasonable time in an ebike saddle!
Hi Chris,

hope the new bike will get you back up and running ... reliably. sounds the trick for your knee ... safe riding to ya

Welcome to the forum Chris. Can I ask what sort of failure you experienced? It's fairly rare to see a failure on Bosch powered bikes so I'm always anxious to learn more about what could go wrong. Thanks in advance.