mileage indicator

austin tao

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How can I get a mileage display indicator install on my e joe epik light?
I like to know how far I have gone on a trip.
Yeah, a cycle computer, all of $20 (or more, if you want an over the top one) will do all of the above and give you a better picture of real battery range if you monitor the trip odometer. You'll get a more realistic feel for miles left in a battery pack--those 3 LED battery level indicators are pretty wimpy in that regard! Just in case you're wondering, the computer will come with a table of codes that match the various wheel diameters and widths, so its not guess work.
Should I go wireless or the wired unit? It would seem the wireless is a much cleaner installation but are they just as reliable as the wired units? Is there a brand that's "heads" above the competition?
I know folks will have their favorites; go for something that's easy to read with a backlight if possible for dim light riding. You don't have to spend a bunch, just start a search. Unless you have a Falco kit, which is magnetic field shielded (and their may be a couple of other brands by now) choose the wired. Without shielding, the magnetic field of the motor can interfere with a wireless. Wired systems are also less expensive! If you want more information than just basic cycle computer stuff, choose some type of Watt Meter (yes, there are many cheap copies on Ebay & Amazon) or a Cycle Analyst for more ebike performance info and the ability to 'tune' the controller in some cases.
Considering this is a folding bike, I would attempt using a wireless unit myself.

Have you considered using a smart phone and app? If you don't have one there are cheap ones that would work just fine, apps use gps offline and you can view your speed and distance traveled just as easily.
Thanks, Ann. I'm off to Amazon to place an order. My wife and I are really excited. We have two frosty white e-Joe Epic SE's on order and yesterday we ordered or Thule 9032 Bike Rack. After doing my research and deciding on the Thule 9032, I searched the internet for best price and always came up with the same $699.95, which is really over the top. So on the last site I looked at called Auto Anything, the chat link came up and I asked if there were any discount coupon codes. They came back and offered me a 10% discount, so I ordered it for $629.96 and free shipping. My wife always says, "you get what you pay for".
We settled on the Cateye CC-RD300W Wireless Cyclocomputer from Amazon and I installed them yesterday. The installation went well and we are very happy with the product.