Might be crazy, ordered a Luckeep X2 today


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So I have a Vitilan U7 that I've enjoyed for about 11 mo., put 2500 miles on it. But for a while now I've wanted to try a different style bike, been looking for a step thru with 26" or larger tires, suspension fork, torque sensor, and hyd. brakes. Beem looking at CL and Marketplace, almost bought an Aventon Aventure 2, but while I didn't want skinny tires, wasn't sure I needed 4" wide tires either. Stumbled across this Luckkeep X2 (where do they get these names?) today, seemed to check all the boxes, so I treated myself to an early Xmas present and ordered one. Says 5 to 8 business days out, I'll report back when I get it assembled and test ride. https://luckeepbike.com/products/luckeep-x2-electric-bike Hope it's OK to post a link, I'm not a shill, paid retail price less a 5% black Fri. discount. Anybody have any thoughts or comments?
I also picked up this bike. Amazon had a better deal by $150. $1,100 inc shipping. I didn't opt for the extra battery. Want to confirm they are actually 20A capacity. That's a lot of cells in parallel to get there. Anyway it fit the bill with class 3 speed, big battery and normal size tires as opposed to fat tires. Those big tires have to cut down on range. Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts on the bike.
Well, we're not getting off to a good start. FedEx ended up showing up at 6:00 Tue. night. Started putting it together. Poorly packaged, front wheel chafed thru the foam on the main frame tube and scratched it in shipping. Front wheel bearings/axle are hard to turn and very notchy feeling. Emailed Luckeep, slow to respond, asked for a video of the wheel bearing problem, sent me an email tonight to take it to a bike shop and they will supply parts and reimburse me for labor charges. What bike shop is going to want to do that? No mention of the finish damage. or the other issue I found and sent them today, the turn signals are wired wrong, left turn lights right signal and vice versa.
Mine came on Tuesday. Nice a little early. If you take the battery out of the bike there is a button next to three or four lights on the battery. Looks as if you press the button and it shows you the level of charge. I get nothing but haven't charged it yet.
No damage on mine, box had a quarter size hole but otherwise all good. Sorry about issues on yours. My only issues were adjusted front and rear brakes to allow for smooth spinning and the front axle barely being wide enough to catch the two posts. Seems another 1/4" width on each side of the axle would have been appropriate. The assembly video doesn't mention I needed the Bikewise Pro app as opposed to the Bikewise app but the manual does. I am anxious to see if it will actually go 30mph as advertised. It is a large bike. Love the really big tires compared to my current ebikes that are foldable with 20" tires. I would like to add some type of lubricant to get into the bearings of each wheel. I'm not sure what that should be. Before installing the front tire I held the axle and spun it and wasn't impressed with how smooth it spun. Seems fine on the bike but lubricant might be nice. Not sure WD40 is right. The rear wheel doesnt spin as freely but I'm sure that's the hub motor. Still I'd like to add some lubricant to be sure I'm getting as little bearing resistance as possible.
I had to adjust my front caliper as well. Loosen the 2 caliper mounting bolts, hold the brake lever on with one hand and tighten the caliper bolts with the other, centers the caliper perfectly. I wouldn't use WD40 to lube the bearings, it's more solvent than lube, likely to wash the lube out of the bearings. Might try some spray grease if you have some. I ended up adjusting the front wheel bearings, need 2 wrenches, 17MM I think it was, hold one side and back off the other just a hair. Played around with it, left it as tight as I could witout the rough notchy feeling. Did you have to install the front brake rotor on the wheel? I did, strange it wasn't mentioned in the video or the manual. Do your directionals work correctly? I never removed the battery, just charged it in the frame.
First ride I was very uncomfortable, too much of a reach to the handlebars. Today, as a test, I spun the neck around backwards and remounted the handlebars, now further back. Night and day difference, I found it much more comfortable. So now I'm on the fence whether to send it back, or buy some handlebars that are swept back.
Before installing the front tire I held the axle and spun it and wasn't impressed with how smooth it spun. Seems fine on the bike but lubricant might be nice. Not sure WD40 is right. Still I'd like to add some lubricant to be sure I'm getting as little bearing resistance as possible.
Wd40 is not a bearing lube. Evaporates in a week. Back nuts off a few turns, add some NGLI #1 grease. If cannot get lubriplate, I use petroleum jelly from the baby department of the grocery. Bicycles are not cars, we do not go 60 mph. Tighten up until smooth, if gritty it is too tight.
With this level of ignorance in assembly , I would turn upside down and squirt some oil into the crank bearing. No hole, drill one. Watch any display if turning upside down. Type F ATF (not dexron mercon) sus 46 hydraulic fluid (not compiiant with manufacturer specs) or air tool oil. No detergent. While at it oil the chain, the shifters, the brake handles, etc.
It was a notchy feel when rotating front tire. I will back them off and use grease mentioned if I can find w Google or Amazon. Bummer I’m starting with not enough threaded axle to start with so backing off bearings will give me even less. My brake rotor was also not installed. I guess it’s less likely to get bent in shipping if not attached. Directional were correct. Not sure if you can easily flip it over and install upside down. Or find the connection cord and connect in reverse. May try first ride today. 35F so chilly. I was really concerned about getting a 20Ahr pack. Often liberties are taken with actual compared to advertised. I charged thru a watt meter I saw just over 17Ah before the charge voltage was released and it zeroed out my capacity. I missed a little as it was early morning when it finished. There are two screens so two photos taken at each time interval. See if attachments make sense.
Screen 1 important bits are 2.9A charge rate, .003 Ah accumulation. Screen 2 important bits are 2.9A charge rate, 42.5v upon plugging in charger, 123w from charge rate X voltage. The battery registered 40.05 volts prior to plugging in charger and was lower than this when received. The charge level indicator lights wouldn’t come on at all when received. Likely a touch under 40v so bms shut it down I guess. Charging began at 5:47pm and last I saw it at 1am it was at 17.76Ahr and close to cut off voltage and current had dropped to about 0.6 A so guessing it was balancing cells. At 4am it had already finished. Probably is close to 20Ah pack is able to start the charge at about 2.8v per cell rather than slightly above 3.0. I’d love to know how many cells in parallel and cell stated capacity. An educated guess by looking at how many cells can be placed next to each other it looks like 18 cells down the length of the battery and 5 cells going up the height of the pack by alternating cells (packing as close as possible. 90 cells. Call it 91 and on 13s you get 7p. 2.8A cells get it real close to 20 over all


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I forgot to ask; what top speed did you see? Before I bought I asked the seller what speed the bike would do with no pedaling and just full throttle on level ground and was told 30mph. Hoping this holds true as some bikes you must pedal to get over 20mph with pedal assist you can get 30. Still really cold here in Ohio until we get a break.
I'm in Mass., pretty chilly here too. I have only ridden it in either mode 0 or mode 1. maybe 17 MPH tops while pedaling. I'm not really concerned with top speed, I ride for fun and exercise, pedaling nearly all the time. I took a short ride off pavement today, very happy with the fairly wide tires performance. I ordered different handlebars last night, hope they allow me a more comfortable riding position. Haven't even down loaded the app yet. Thanks for the idea to flip the tailight, it was mounted upside down. Studying the manual last night, wasn't impressed with all the warranty exclusions. Also bummed to see 13 ga. spokes front and rear, probably should have 12 ga. spokes in the rear with a 750 watt motor. Time will tell I guess.
Loosening the bearing nut helped a lot. I can still feel it's not perfect like maybe a sealed bearing might be but it's way better than it was with just a tiny loosening. If all is well with this bike I will look for a longer axle by about 1/2 inch for piece of mind since it's not sticking out much to catch my forks. I know I read something about if you ride more than 10 miles it can't be returned. I'm sure there is a window of time also.
Short axle. Only about 1/3 of what could be accepted in the fork.


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I think that's the way the quick release front wheel/axle is supposed to work. the "skewer" squeezes the fork together against the bearing nuts with their serrated faces. Looking at your pics, I see I'm definitely missing a rubber seal for the bearings, my wheel only had one on one side, thought that was strange. Yes, saw the 10 mile max return BS as well, hence a couple rides without turning on the bike, just pedaling, odo. shows 1.7 mi. at this time.
I finally got a ride in. Made sure I was fully topped off and charged inside so battery toasty warm. 50F out and right off the bat went full throttle on level. 28mph dropping to 27 then 26 in 3 miles. It was exhilarating to go that fast but I was hoping for sustained 30. I know 28 is class 3 and most advertise this or a range of 28-32 and when you and everyone else see 28 and never 32 you are still within the advertised range. I'm a little bummed because I was very specific with the seller and pointed in my questions about wanting to know flat out speed without pedaling on a level surface for a 170lb guy. 30 was the answer. The only other issue is that there seems to be a spot on the back tire where the rubber is not as inflated as the rest. I'd call it a flat spot but that doesn't sound right. When I spin the tire you can see it's a low spot. When I ride the bike I bounce a little every time this spot rolls around. Otherwise I really liked riding the bike. If I'm missing someway of opening up more speed or you have thoughts on the low spot on the tire please chime in.
What tire pressure are you running? My tires were nearly flat as shipped. disappointed they didn't have a tire PSI spec, said see tire. tire said 30 min., 55 max,. I set mine at 45, seemed about right, rode pretty nice IMO. No flat spots or issues noted. If tire pressure doesn't help. likely a defective tire. Bummer it won't reach the advertised speed, though I'm not really surprised. On a happy note, I found my missing front wheel bearing seal laying in the bottom of the box. Mew handlebars are supposed to be here tomorrow, hoping they give me a more comfortable, upright ride.
...Mew handlebars are supposed to be here tomorrow, hoping they give me a more comfortable, upright ride.
I bought this bike for my father and I'm also looking to do a handlebar change. We're you able to install the new bars? Any cable length adjustments needed? And what bars did you go with?
For those looking at the Luckeep X2, this bike is really for medium height riders. Luckeep's website says 5'4" to 6'3", but if you're over 5'8" you probably should look elsewhere. I'm 6' and finding it difficult to adjust the seat to a comfortable height. When you raise the seat high enough for a good knee bend, you're pitched forward toward the handlebars. Lower the seat and you don't get enough leg extension.