Looking for replacement/upgrade to Rad Mini Step-thru


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I am looking to replace/upgrade a stolen Mini step-thru. It was great little hauler/commuter for three years. I am hoping to get something that has features I liked about the mini, but upgrade the things I didn't like. Mostly what I didn't like about the mini was the reach and the handlebars. I made adjustments but I never quite felt comfortable for longer rides. Looking for something that would fit a 5'3 sized person better.

Class 2
Sit upright (city cruiser style)
Swept back bars
Racks front and back
750 wat rear hub
Front suspension
Smaller frame

Short list:
Rad City 5 (Budget)
Aventon Pace (Mid)
Electric Bike Company model E or R (Splurge) Although LBC offers 3 free tune ups/year for the life of the bike if ordered through them so that alone may take it out of the splurge camp.

Any thoughts or other bikes I should consider?
Electric Bike Company offer optional 24” wheels that would lower their bikes so would be a good choice for you.
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