Kit -vs- Complete Bike


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After having researched for a long period, I made a purchase on a kit that was defective. I sent it back and all seems to be turning out O.K. Chalk it up to a continual learning process. I wrote extensive perspectives on the experience.

As much as I like the "kit" idea, I have been noticing lower pricing with increased features in motor, battery, and controller options on complete bikes. Some bikes come complete with lighting and fenders too! There are many bikes available having a price point that ranges $1500-3000 total. I see kits out there in the same price range as complete bikes! With so many bikes having great "price-feature" ratios, buying a complete ready to ride system is making more and more sense.
John - I agree with your sentiments. In order to get a quality kit you're generally pretty close to the price of a complete bike as you mentioned. I generally recommend going with a complete bike unless you have a specific need not otherwise met by a production bike.
Completely agree with you and Chris. Complete bikes tend to have more features, less hassle to setup and warranties. They also look a lot better usually because the wires are threaded through the frame... This is very hard to do with a kit. Even the new "all included electric bike wheels" have limitations. Sure, the wireless assist and phone linked display is cool but you end up with a heavy front wheel (if it's that type) or lack a throttle mode and the power and range of a fully featured ebike.