Kenda K1151 26x4 Fat Bike Tires - Good Street Tire Alternative to CST BFT Off-Road Tires?



Does anyone have any thoughts on the Kenda K1151 26x4.0 Fat Bike 'Clincher' tires, which seem to be a street tire alternative to the CST BFT ('Big Fat Tire')?

It appears the tread pattern is more suitable for street riding, but less suitable for off-road riding? I assume it has lower rolling resistance compared to offroad tires, just unsure how that may amount to life of service, quality of the ride on pavement, etc...

If I'm riding almost all pavement (city streets, sidewalks, bike paths), would I expect to get more mileage out of a street tire, than a knobby off-road tire?

Curious what the pros and cons are, especially when riding a high-powered mid-drive Bafang Ultra mid-drive.

Please share any thoughts, thank you in advance!


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(Description from the manufacturer is "With a directional tread design, the K1167 will provide excellent handling characteristics with supreme performance. An open lug pattern self cleans quickly while the continuous tread blocks offer stability in the corners. The tread compound allows for a high wear resistance to keep you riding longer.")

Unsure what the TPI is on this tire (doesn't seem to be listed), but the CST BFT (which is a more off-roady competitor, I suppose) is 60 TPI.