KBO K-series


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Arlington, Virginia
KBO have launched two new folding models, the K1 and K2 (step through), with an introductory price of $700 https://kbobike.com/products/folding-ebike-k-series

The spec sheet states they ship as Class 2, with 20"x3" tires, 48v 500w motor with cadence PAS, 10ah removable frame battery, 7-speed Shimano derailleur, mechanical disk brakes with 160mm rotors, suspension fork, folding pedals, fenders and a rack, e-bike headlight but no tail-light, appears to have motor inhibitors on the levers, KBO claim the battery uses LG cells and has a BMS, the weight with battery is 55lb, and the dimensions when folded are 35"L × 20"W × 28"H.