Just put a deposit down on an XM-700+


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I could have bought it out right, but wanted to wait until Tuesday to take delivery (I get the results of latest scan to verify the cancer remains gone; this will be 5 years).

I chose the XM-700+ because it was the only one that fit me and felt like a real bike; I have a very long torso (compared to my body), and the 60 cm worked. If my legs matched my torso, I would be 6'8" or so.

I am adding a rear light, rack with a "trunk", and a few other things. They threw in the rack, and the locally owned store is have an e-bike event which gives 250 off any ebike.

This will be fun. I have not been able to ride since I was diagnosed with cancer.
Congrats! I hope you get great news on your scan. And I hope you enjoy your XM700+ as much as I have mine. I've never been much of a road biker before -- bought the XM to commute to work -- but a heretical thought has started to creep into my head that maybe, just maybe, I like the XM more than my mountain bike....
Best wishes for a good scan result and a hell of a lot of miles to follow on that xm700. I bought mine on Thursday and took it out for its first trip yesterday, 28 miles around Saratoga County with one hellacious hill thrown in at the end to see how that would go. If the rain holds off, more of the same today.

Great, great bike! On top of everything else, I cannot believe how easy it is to drive across flats or near flats with the system shut down! The damn thing is very light for an ebike at 46 pounds, and I found I could easily truck along at 17mph or better, at times even into a blustery headwind. Talk about extended range... You will love it.

My eJoe Koda will be going up for sale if anyone wants one in the northeast... can't be bothered trying to ship it someplace, I'm going to put it on local Craigslist. Has been a very nice bike, but this Trek is just a whole different story. In the meantime, I've got a good buddy bike so friends can go riding with me and see what it's all about.
Best wishes on a good scan result and that you enjoy the bike!

My older brother is 3 years out from diagnosis of stage four lung cancer and has been through the wringer with it.
So got good news yesterday. And bought the bike. Took her for a ride, only 8 miles. (yeah, I am out of shape). It was a good ride, with the right amount of workout.

One problem and one question: The front wheel makes noise. It sounds like the pad is just hitting the disc rotor. But, it is not slowing me down, and when I free spin it, it just spins....I heard it in the test drive, but was told it will go away.

The question is about the front fork -- I am trying to figure out where the adjustment is so that it is more rigid. I have tried it all the way to the right and all the way to the left....
Counterclockwise looking down at it will move to the stiffer end of the spectrum. I don't see how to lock it out though.

Congrats on the scan results and welcome to the xm700+ club! They're terrific.
Just saw a new one Wednesday at the shop where I bought mine two months ago... no difference I could see. Still the 400 Powerpack. Had mine in for a checkup at 900 miles, going great.