Is there any Ebike for a 6"4' Bigger guy?

Carolyn T

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Taylor's first gorgeous and powerful Ebike

At the beginning he worries about if a 6"4' bigger guy could ride an ebike and finally becoming his all-time favorite bike.

Im 6/3 and the only bikes that i have had a real problem fitting on are the little Retro Style/Scrambler E-Mopeds with no adjustable seat.
Fine if you want to sit and throttle but to pedal those bikes for a long ride might suck it yo are tall.
Go for the bike you like, get the biggest frame available and im sure with some adjusting you will fit just fine.
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Following this thread, 6'6" and the struggle is real... Currently have a 'cheap' XPremium set to max, but the geometry sucks. Needs include fat tire, lots of battery, and would be nice to move to full suspension, possible belt/igh on the next go-round but know it won't be cheap
People laugh at my seat posts on XL bikes. I have them up all the way to the minimum insertion line. That is my XL gravel bike with an air fork. Look mom no zip ties. The motor is between the pedals.


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I'm a full 6'4"/193cm in my bare feet, and the largest Riese and Müller Delite fits me just fine. So does my 61cm Azor Omafiets (Dutch granny bike).
I'm 6'3", 300lbs, size 14 shoe, and long-ish arms (around 6'11" wingspan). I have two Radrover 4" fat tire ebike since 2016 with +4000 miles each ebike. I had to add a 400mm suspension seatpost, 0-60 degree adjustable handlebar stem, upgrade to TRP Spyre brakes, and larger pedals for both ebikes. Not the same amount of choices at +6'3" and +300lbs for a replacement ebike compared to 5'9" and 170lbs. Leaning towards upgrading to a Himiway Cobra Pro 1000w mid-drive with a 400lbs capacity with the option with the longer seatpost, larger pedals, and raising the handlebars.