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  1. Carolyn T

    Is there any Ebike for a 6"4' Bigger guy?

    Taylor's first gorgeous and powerful Ebike At the beginning he worries about if a 6"4' bigger guy could ride an ebike and finally becoming his all-time favorite bike.
  2. D

    Bosch - Intuvia (Walk-Assist Mode not working)

    Hello all, I have a new 2017 Haibike XDuro Full 7.0 with the Intuvia /Bosch CX drive system. (Firmware versions: Displ. v5.7.2.0 and DU v1.7.0.0) I am not able to get "Walk Assist" working at all. Never get the display to refect "Walk Assist" . I have read the manual and tried every which way to...
  3. J