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purchased two Igo bikes in Key West Florida a few years ago. Dealer here went out of business a few months later. I like the concept and design idea of this bike. The reality of this bike is quite diff. I will try to keep it short. Lost one motor after two months and maybe 5 hours running time pickup wire near commutator came loose. IGO Canada said they would send new motor and only charge 50 dollars to ship it. Invoice came 45 days later as was for full price over 250.00. A few months later Sprag Clutch broke taking hub with it. Canada-not in stock- so bought one from Evelo. The replacement motor lasted 9 months. Other bike's Sprag clutch just let go today (reason I am posting here). I was not about to buy a third motor for my wife's bike so I spent a few dollars more for a Magic Pie 3 wheel for her bike and she is quite happy with is (seems well put together). Talked to another IGO rider here in Key West and he is on his second motor. IGO Canada was worthless as far as help or warranty. Sorry I bought from IGO. They are not ready for Prime Time. 4 dead motors and lots of sprag clutches gone $$$$ !!
Read about poor reliability w/mid motor in the past not surprised to hear this but what got me to post past readings MP 3 not reliable, has built in controller in the wheel w/issues, check out Endless sphere forum. Not happy being barer of bad news for you, hoping your result is different and this is old news, that it has been rectified by the company.

At least the internet gives us access to what others are experiencing.I will post any problems I have in the future. Retired now but was a BSA Triumph Motorcycle Dealer for 16 years And partner in a Bicycle shop that sold new, used bikes and had 200 rental bikes.I am pretty familiar with two wheeled transportation and love the idea of Ebikes. so will continue to play with them. So far i like what i see and am experiencing with Magic Pie and mine is the latest incarnation so hoping for the best.
Zapata...your "latest incarnation" Magic Pie is a 3, or in fact the latest MP4, from Golden Motor, with an internal sine-wave controller?
That is possible it was sold as a 3 but i'm not gonna open it up to look. So far my wife is quite happy with it. Has good speed and battery life. Down side may be being heavy.
I just purchased the latest Golden Motor MP4 "kit" with their LED dash to try out, as I'm a fan of the sine-wave controller. It was installed on an older EVG PE (Police Edition) ebike and am using a HK Nano Tech 50v/8ah battery pack. The hub is dead silent, with no vibration or noise, with the latest sine-wave internal controller. I'm getting around 25-26mph (195lbs) on level ground with this voltage @ around 15 mile range, but am going to try a 60v pack soon for around a claimed 28mph.

I've too just ordered a second MP4 "kit", though am having the R&D department rewind it for more top end speed. The desire is for it to match my Tidalforce S750X 31.5mph level speed. :)

Did you hook up a PAS setup on your wives ebike?
Thanks for the info. She would love a Pedal Assist but I am having trouble finding one. The wiring diagram that came with the motor is wrong as the bike has only a black and blue wire in that area and the PAS I was looking at had 3 wires so any info to steer me right would be appreciated. I have a mechanical brain not electrical at all.
Waiting 4 months for a part for a bike only 3 months old is unacceptable.
Look at the first post in this thread. Motor after motor, you know I don't want another free replacement if no good in the first place.

I had an experience with IGO too, bought one online, arrives with bent battery rack, could not remove battery, some small part broken, and some missing. Called company, they said just straighten the rack myself, and they would send me the plastic parts for the fender supports, and to take the bike for a drive that "I would love it" I took it for a drive, I felt it was under powered for a 350 watt mid drive advertised as being "better than a hub" I found it had less power than a 250 watt front hub Giant I tried.

Also when I came back down the hill and applied the brakes I could feel the "splice" in the wheels, I mean like a clunk, clunk every revolution.

So I called them back said I wanted to return it, they said we don't want it back, and pretty was adamant about that. Since I paid with credit card I called the credit card company who at first weren't much help, so called my local bank branch, and got some satisfaction, they said send it back , and they would get me my money back, all that took some time, the parts they promised me they would send never did show up.

Funny a dealer in Halifax, 60 miles from me suggested IGO, said they are all good.
Hi Rick-n-ns.
Thank you for the message.
Truth be told, the bike was great for four months and it solved my transportation needs.
Now I'm at a loss and don't know what to do next or who to turn for help. I'm 70 years old, live in Florida and the dealer ( who is quite a distance from where I live) is no longer caring Igo for obvious reasons and won't refund my money. Are there good consumer protection laws in Canada? Igo is an embarrassment to the country's businesses.
I've decided to go very public with my story and use Facebook, YouTube and any other vehicle to review Igo and their business practices so others won't get taken by them. Please let me know of any web sites, agencies or other venues that you think I can use.
$1800.00 is a lot of money for an old guy like me to loose on an e-bike that I really need for transportation.
I hope Court will take these complaints about Igo into consideration when he's interacting with them.
Thanks again.

EdW, Ahhh Ed, you live in the warm state, I did travel there once, more or less there and back.

Anyway, yes I guess there is fairly good consumer protection here, but you usually have to "work" for it as I did, like I said at first the credit card company was no help, it was when I called my local bank with whom I've dealt with my entire life...I'm 53 ( and cudos to you for still riding a bike at 70)

Lucky for me I had my "problems" early on, for you after being happy with the product for 4 months means you are "probably" stuck, and I am sorry.

As for your decision to "go public" great idea to expose them on youtube, and BBB, people look at that stuff a lot now, that's one good thing about the internet age. I did tons of research since my IGO experience a couple of years ago for my next purchase, and am apprehensive about my decision to get the Stunner by Biktrix.

As far as IGO being an embarrassment to the Canadian economy, well yes it is, but there are other sellers in the US selling the "EXACT" same bike under different names. So as always it is buyer beware.

Lastly 1800 bucks is a lot to the most of us mere mortals. Sorry to hear about your loss, but good can come of it, and maybe you save someone else from a mistake, form me to you THANKS.

Actually not lastly I sell Metal Detectors, and there are low priced models that I sometimes get asked for, but I will not carry, stock, or recommend them, because I want the buyer to have a decent experience. Wish there was an option to PM each other here, I don't see one, so I'll tell you google sweet dreams detectors, send me a message from the contact us page And we can exchange emails, I may even give you a phone call if you'd like.

Sincerely, Rick
Don't feel bad. A lot of these eBikes had numerous serious reliability problems years ago. It was just your unfortunate luck that the dealer dumped and you had no American distributor to help.

I bought an A2B Metro that was more expensive and had far more problems. Fortunately for me the 2 year warranty was backed up by the East Coast Distributor who lives in Ft Lauderdale.

I would estimate that the total warranty repairs exceeded $4000. No kidding... Then in the 4th year the Manufacturer went out of business and was bought by Hero.. Dumped that bike and bought a Stromer... And they were bught out..lol