Hello from LaGrange, IN


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Just settled in this little hick town, and so far I love it. I was previously in Kendallville at Drake Terrace where that near 12 hour standoff/shootout happened on evening of 04/12/23.

I originally had a Nakto Super Cruiser with a 500w motor. Solid E-Bike except it's freaking enormous. I got struck on foot by a careless driver crossing an intersection on 01/13/23 (Friday the 13th). The driver's auto insurance company offered me $25,000 in which I got $24,328 after medical liens. I bought all new furnishings for another place, helped a few people with children out for Christmas. Made sure my lady friend had the money to get her SUV fixed, and gave her son my Super Cruiser which had a minimum seat height that was too high for me.

I looked around for an E-Bike with a lower minimum seat height. I finally settled on the Monday Motorbikes ANZA 500S. For whatever reason Monday Motorbikes sent me the ANZA 750S for the same price. I'm quite happy with it. There could've been performance issues with Monday's bikes in the beginning. No performance issues with this one. Very smooth operating bike. It reaches 28mph easily, and quickly. I'm definitely a believer in hydraulic brakes now. Only minor gripe is the pedals SUCK. I did get a mirror, wireless alarm, and Kryptonite Evolution folding lock.