Haibike Sduro Trekking RC 2016 - chip malfunction


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I own a Sduro Trekking RC 2016 with an installed chip. After cleaning my bike with a garden hose I fear I have got water into the frame where the cables go in. Firstly the bike could not be started at all. First I got error 12 but ruled that out by swapping the LCD display with my wife’s bike display and no change. Also the bike rebooted immediately when installing the battery. The on off button did not operate. Then I read somewhere that simply leaving the bike to dry inside may help. I did and and after a couple of days miraculus things happened. I managed to start the bike and when riding the power support stopped at 25 km/h. I suspected the chip to be damaged. I lowered the motor and checked all the chip connections which seem to be ok. Again I let the bike dry, but the chip seems to be permanently out of order. So has anyone experienced similar issues and is the fix to simply buy a new chip?
Ps. I bought the bike second hand and the chip was already in… but I have kind of got used to it.