Frame Size and Fit on Omega


I'm considering the Evelo Omega but am a little concerned about the frame size and proper fit. On the Omega, how can a single frame size fit everyone from 5'4" to 6'? I'm 5'11" and I like the Gazelle step through -- they come in multiple frame sizes. The LARGE SIZE Gazelle step through frame is super comfortable for me -- really more so than any other bike I've ridden. The geometry seems similar.

I love the features and tech of the Evelo and the sale pricing is tempting. I'm sold on the quality of the company and the bike itself so I'm only really concerned about the feel and fit of the frame. Any of you who have ridden both Gazelle and the Omega step throughs want to weigh in on frame size and comfort level between the two? Some people same frame size is critical to comfort and fit.
I'm 5'11"as well. The frame is large on the Omega and very comfortable. In fact, I might have taken a closer look at the Galaxy Lux if they produced a larger frame size for that model since it weighs considerably less (although it lacks the long range potential of the Omega).
Gazelle lists a ton of different models so a little hard to compare specs at the same price point as the Omega.
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