Fork Upgrade for ecotric tornado


Is there a upgraded front fork available for this bike for this bike? The one that comes on the bike is very minimal and has a ridiculous remote lockout feature and is zero adjustable.
Suspension type forks are easily switched. I think the Ecotric Tornado is a typical mountain bike standard 1 -1/8" threadless model. They will come longer than your steerer tube and have to be cut down during the install.

This article compares the various Rockshox models.

I knew nothing about forks when I did my first suspension fork conversion, and I ended up changing from threaded non suspension to threadless, and it was quite involved. Swapping a threaded fork is much easier.

There are all kinds of Chinese brand import forks for sale, including what Ecotric sells. Probably best if you want quality is to buy one with a US name like Rockshox. They're still probably made in China,