SR Suntour Suspension Fork Maintenance


have a new Gazelle Ultimate T10+ bike that came equipped with Suntour Mobie 45 coil spring suspension fork with 80 mm of travel. I was curious what the required maintenance interval is for this suspension fork, so I looked that and found the information posted below. If anyone is curious, you can find this at the link coped below and then searching for "service intervals." I was a little surprised that the suggested rebuild interval was that often. I feel comfortable attempting this when the time comes but interested in the experience of others.

Has anyone rebuilt their Suntour fork?

It must be a joke.
While I could justify some service on advanced forks used in technical singletrack MTB-ing (think of jumps and extremely heavy use of the suspension; read $1000+ air forks), no-one sane would service their Suntour steel coil fork for city or mild off-road use. These last for many many years without any servicing!
when I contacted sun tour about my fork a rebuild kit thats on my tandem. it took them a few days and they could not find it. but t least I got the right wipers. but the instructions for it were wrong.