Fender recommendations for Stealth electric Bikes?


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I've heard some people who own the Stealth Bomber (and likely others who own the Fighter or Hurricane) are concerned about water and mud harming the control box that's mounted below the downtube/battery box. I don't own one of these bikes but I can see how that kind of thing might happen since there aren't any fenders built in.

Brianbomber361 said he found some fenders that could work pretty well and I dug around and found some more from Topeak but haven't tested them and frankly, the dual crown fork is mounted so high (since they're long travel) that I'm not sure a front fender would even cover the controller? I made the mockup below to demonstrate what I'm talking about:

stealth-bomber-ebike.jpg stealth-bomber-topeak-defender.jpg stealth-bomber-fenders.jpg

If you look at the third mockup it shows the new Topeak DeFender XC1 which mounts to the fork arms instead of the base of the head tube. I think this makes the most sense on the Stealth electric bikes. Those ones say they are for 29ers and the Stealth bikes have 26" rims so maybe there's a better fit in their wide selection of fenders that will work perfectly.

topeak-defender-front-rear.jpg topeak-defender-xc1.jpg

If anyone has experience using these or has other tips on fenders and waterproofing the Stealth ebikes feel free to chime in. Again, I'm not sure how big of a deal this is but wanted to create a space to discuss.
These fenders wouldn't be a good choice for dirt riders, but I only ride the street, so this is how I installed fenders on my Bomber. These fenders are from Planet Bike, and I paid $29 for them at REI, but if you do exactly like I did, you'll have to buy two sets. I had to slightly modify the fender struts to make them wide enough to clear the wide tires, and I added an extra strut for additional strength on the rear fender, but it was easy enough to do by hand. The extra strut is the reason for needing two sets of fenders. If you're handy you could probably make your own strut, but I already happened to have had an extra that I took off an old bike. On the rear fender I used a wire tie to attach the front of the fender to the swing arm, which is actually what the instructions that came with the fenders recommended. The struts attach to the axle adjuster using an extra 6mm nut.

The front fender struts are attached to the forks with wire ties. These wire ties on the forks are the kind that have an extra hole in the end of the tie. A 5mm bolt fits in the hole, to attach the strut to the fork. For the front fender top mount, I drilled and tapped a 5mm hole in the fork cross over.

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