Feeling good


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I sold my car about 8 months ago and just 3 months ago purchased a bike from the local ARC for 50 bones. I have been riding it every day to work over the summer and now I ride it to my college and back home, however today marks the first day I was able to ride the entire trip without having to get off and walk it up the two hill to my school. I believe it was due to all the great gear shifting comments on the thread I posted last week.

So, thank you to everyone who posted helpful advice.

That rocks Kaldeem! I'm sure it is in no small part to you getting stronger as well. Just keep working and enjoying!
Thank you guys, although I didn't make it home with out walking, I'm still excited about that little bit of progress.
I decided to ride my bike just 3 miles (with hills) with the power off. Two paramedics and 3 paddle electroshocks later, I was conscious and alert. Doubt I will try that again.