Fazua remote b display bar keeps going dim intermittently


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United Kingdom
Fazua Ride 50 Evation, energy 250x battery, firmware version 2.12.
Remote b firmware version 2.01.
Ran diagnostics in Fazua toolbox version 2.18; no errors detected.

Symptoms; all the ‘state of charge/support level bars’ on the display bar go very dim and the white lights surrounding the ‘up’ & ‘down’ buttons extinguish completely, and the notification indicator bar remains unlit. The motor is still delivering power, and the power level can be altered pressing the ‘up’ and ‘down’ button.

After between about 15 seconds and 2 minutes the display returns to normal.

The drive pack & battery pack connectors have been checked and cleaned, with no effect to the issue.

I did a search and found some vaguely similar issues, but none that quite match what's happening with mine. Anyone else had this, or know of a solution?