Cube C62 Race Disc - Fazua Drivepack Issue


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I hope you are all ok and having a good Easter.

My Fazua system stopped working yesterday. I obviously noticed this when the assistance was gone…. I also noticed that the top led was intermittently flashing red. I charged the battery (it was about 40%) in case that was the issue.

I plugged the pack into the PC and ran the toolbox. I wanted to check if there was a firmware update too, but it is up to date (2.12).

I noticed this am when trying the bike that it is very difficult to move backwards, it moves forwards without issue.

I also noticed yesterday that the white LEDs around the power buttons were dim, although this seems to have returned this am.

I cleaned the contacts on both the pack and bike but these looked ok anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on and what I need to do to sort it out?

Many thanks in anticipation and for your time.

When running the diagnostics with the drivepack in the bike i get the following error:

hard fault 20 - driver board FET shorted

It sounds serious!
Hiya.. yes, Fazua were great i sent the unit back to them and they replaced it.... new one seems fine....