EVO Cross Question

Eric J

New Member
I think I may be leaning towards the Evo Cross, then I read a post about the skinny tires??? are they skinny? I am 6'3" and weigh about 235. Should I consider somthing with thicker tires? Or is my weight not an issue here? I will mostly be on pavement, but I would like the option to comfortably cut through a trail if I want to.

Any thoughts here from anyone. Advice is appreciated as I look to join the ranks of an E-biker.

The tires are 700c schwalbe double wall rim with anti puncture protection and are fairly thin.. but not 70s ten speed thin...they would be fine for the routes youve suggested. Mark.
eric not sure but guessing the cross has the same tires as my streeet

it is manageable on dirt roads, gravel etc but my street does not ride great on rougher roads even with the bodyfloat suspension seat post
i do have to travel about 1/2 mile on a bad dirt road to get to the pavement for riding out by my house, it does fine for that
just would not want to do it for an hour
the tires are medium to thin to me being a novice, but i weigh as much as you do and they have been fine

for cutting through on a dirt trail here and there it will be totally fine

riding 3 miles on a rougher trail it will do it but probably wont be real comfortable, i did not look at the cross and it might have a better suspension on the front etc and may do better on rougher roads
The new Evo Cross comes standard with Schwalbe Big Ben 28x2.0" tires. The models before this year had much narrower tires. Adding Big Bens was something we did quite often in our shop so it's nice to see the upgrade this year.

The Big Ben tires have moderate puncture protection, but where they really shine is their ability to smooth out your ride. They are what's called balloon tires and you can run them at a little lower pressure while not loosing too much efficiency. This creates a suspension effect which is quite nice.