Evelo Aurora Limited vs Biktrix Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru


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I currently have an order in with Evelo for an Aurora Limited scheduled to be delivered in January. I can't help looking at other options. Today I saw Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step Through as a possible alternative.
Here is what I love about the Evelo LE: 4 year warranty, automatic transmission, belt drive.
Here is what I like about the Jug: 1000 watt motor, 35 mph, 4 inch fat tires. I LOVE the 35 mph.
Priced the way I want the Jug is a little more money, but that doesn't matter to me.
The Evelo has a true 21 day test drive period where I can send it back if I don't like it with no cost to me. I discovered the Jug has a 14 day return but found I am charged $550 return shipping plus a substantial restocking fee.
Has anyone in this group looked at these alternatives?
Is there a substantial difference in the quality of the companies and bikes?
As a person new to ebikes I have no real way of discerning quality components except that I would expect quality to cost more. Since I am in the $4000 range it seems I should have quality.
I got the Biktrix Jug 3 Ultra Step Thru. I got the Biktrix because I wanted the extra power. However, I found that Biktrix lowers the power settings of the motor as shipped. You can call and have them change firmware settings for more power, which I did, but they still don’t unleash the full power. Even though I have ridden motorcycles much, I still get tired of shifting. The unlocked Biktrix can go up pretty steep hills at 12 MPH (throttle only) which I really like. The Biktrix drivetrain does require some adjustments which the Evelo would not. Still hard to decide. If I redid my purchase I would probably try the Evelo for the tranny. But close call.