ET T1000 studded tire question


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i am thinking of putting studded tires on my ET T1000 for winter use. the local shop says there could be a fit/clearance issue with a studded tire but they didn't know for sure. the size on it now is 26x4. if there is an issue it will be the rear. the closest clearance seams to be at the front of the rear tire inside the wishbone, with the original tire there is about 1/4" on either side at that point. has anyone install a studded tire on their ET. if so what tire brand and size did you use.
thank you
I suggest you think long and hard about studded tires. The suck on dry pavement and are an adventure in tricky riding on ice. I run them on 2” and found I need to use m6 feet as outriggers on ice. Finally I gave up and went back to snow days only. No more ice rides. And I wouldn’t own them again unless like now I have them on a second set of rims for quick changeouts.