ET T1000 run on question.

I have biking legs for cruise.

I don't.
My knees were burning, my hands were cramping, my feet were cold, my ass was sore, and it was plus 2 centigrade on my last venture.

I have severe emphasima and I really don't want to pedal if I don't have to.

If the wind is at my back I can see zero amps coming from my display/controller.
That's when I go no hands and let the bike fly.
A thumb throttle should be progressive.

It is progressive, but it's almost impossible to apply it progressively.
As soon as you touch it, the bike takes off and your thumb moves.
All you can do is hold on and push it all the way.

. A twist can fly away from you while walking the bike though a narrow area such as a door.

My twist throttle works way better to get my bike in the house.
The "walk" feature is cumbersome to operate.
It's way too fast and I can't walk my bike into the house at 6 mph continuously.

I'm used to throttles.

Even with the rubber washer. My bikes measure pedal pressure and amplify that to the extent requested. The accelerator is all in the foot, like a car. Push, Go, regardless of pedaling speed.

My ebike only measures its speed.

It's up to me to keep it on the road.

Try looking at some Schwalbe 26" tires. Quality.

I will do that.
Eventually,.. when something is available. Lol
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Are some new tires in order? That is a huge safety issue.

The T1000 comes with 26x4.00 street tires.
A street type tread is very rare in that size.
I do like the smooth tread and have very low rolling resistance and great range.

The tires are kinda sloppy on gravel roads and I have to be careful but I want to stick with a street type tread.