Electric Bike Flat Tire Fix and Tips

Hi, Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth onto this thread.
My out-the-door weight is 205 pounds-- That includes a 20-pound backpack containing a 2nd 48v ebike battery and a CamelBak 100 oz water bladder, etc.
As for my two fat tire ebikes: they each weigh 80+ pounds due to all the extra stuff I have mounted onto them.
I just switched out my 2018 M2S KUSH dual-suspension rear hub (BaFang 750w) Fat Tire ebike from a 3-tire combo summer formula (using a 3" outer city tire) to a 2-tire combo winter formula (using the 4" KENDA JUGGERNAUT knobbie outer tire).
The 2018 KUSH now has 15,500 miles on the odometer. I stumbled across my multi-tire combo experiment at its' 2,500 mile point. So, that gives me 13,000 flat-free miles on the mighty beast.
My 2019 M2S R750 (hard tail) rear hub (BaFang 750w) Fat Tire ebike has used a 3-tire formula since day 1.. It now shows 7,300 miles on the odometer.
So, that totals 20,300 FLAT FREE miles for those two ebikes.
The proofs in the puddin'.
And, unlike MrTuffy etc., my setup gives total protection from rim side to rim side.
By the way, the multi-tire combo will work for any ebike as long as the inside rim width is at least 1.5". You may not be able to insert 3 tires, but you will definitely be able to go the 2-tire option. Just remember: the inner tire(s) really needs to be a city bike tread/slick tread tire. Knobbie tread tires will shed/rip their knobbies right off.. Lots of little lumps will develop under the outside tire. Learn from my experiences.
I try to do a 50 mile ebike ride every day. Some days, I do 60.. Some days I do 30..
But, the only tools I ever take on a ride are a little 8 piece multi-tool and 8" lock grip pliers. That's all.
I still use SLIME just because I bought a gallon jug of it a long time ago, But I only insert 3 ounces per tire tube. Besides, ya can never have too much protection.
Here is my own very long-winded solution to Fat Tire/oversize tire ebike flat tires:
Thats all, folks.
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