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The display that came with my 2015 Street is the old one with the smaller font.
I'll have to reach out to CrazyLenny & see if a swap can be done.
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CrazyLenny is my dealer, which is why I wrote I'll have to "reach out to CrazyLenny and see if a swap can be done."
Here in Vancouver it's legal and encouraged by the city to ride in the middle of the lane when it's dangerous by the side as long as cars aren't moving quickly. People quite often die riding close to parked cars when they run into an opening door. I'm sorry to hear that Colorado has such poor traffic laws that would require you to cycle so dangerously.
Same in Texas; in the driver's handbook a bicyclist legally has the same rights as a car driver (and responsibilities to obey laws--but that's another discussion) and its clearly spelled out that in cases where the road is very dangerous the cyclist can take the lane. In all cases, the cyclist is legal to take 1/3rd of a lane to prevent sideswipes from cars and being forced into ditches or running into the curb. We're working on better and more bike lanes and separated lanes but Texans are slow to build them!
Texans are slow to build them
Oil that is, Black Gold, Texas tea!
Same thing everywhere, but ironically, the liberal community of Boulder, Colorado has banned e bikes in the bike lanes.
I am worried about a political squeeze leaving us with nowhere to go, street or paths. That's why I was speaking out about the irresponsible riding style being advocated above. We need goodwill, not anger!
We had orders as early as October 2014 and may be they have made some changes to the display lately. Speak to Henry or Rich, they will be happy to send you a larger display.
I request you to use the existing display until we get the newer ones.

@Undercover Brother , Nate, I wasn't aware of the rolling changes to the display. I will ask Rich to speak to Dave Evans and get some larger displays. Thanks for the heads up.
Hopefully by riding your new EVO Street you'll lose weight...if that is one your goals. :p
I've gone 64 miles on a NEO Jumper with 1900 ft. of climbing in 3 hrs 55 min., granted riding efficiently in ECO mode, but I doubt if most folks will ride for more than a couple of hours on their ebikes, easily doable on our EVO bikes. If so, I would recommend taking our light charger, stopping for lunch, charging the battery and rolling on to further enjoy the day! ;)
Hello what is a light Charger? I have 2 easy motion bike ,the 650b neo jumper and the neo volt sport.