e joe epik lt kick stand

austin tao

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I just got this sweet bike today! Can some one tell me if the kick stand can be adjusted higher off the ground when riding or if there's a good replacement. Its so low .
On the Ejoe website, the image looks like your bike comes with a single leg kickstand, which shouldn't be dragging. If not, are you dealing with a double leg kickstand that has a pivot hinge that hangs down from the bottom of the bike ? If that's the issue, consider switching to an ESGE scissor leg double kickstand, then you get the advantage of the double legs, but they're out of the way when up.
Yes , my e joe kickstand is a double one. ESGE could work. Where can I buy one? Thanks
Any ideas on a storage bag to be mounted on the back?
Hi @austin tao , the Esge kickstand is available at many local bikeshops and if you don't find it there, it is sold online. If possible, choose the Esge that will allow you to trim the leg length, since the standard Esge double stand is designed for a 26/700C size wheel. Even the standard kickstand can be shortened (carefully! with a vice and hacksaw :eek:) remember to measure twice and cut once.
I have the ESGE, I like it very much! Best to buy at local bike shop for the good installation advice or help, but is available on Amazon if you can't find it.

This is a blowup of my avatar pic so you can see it tucks away very well. Click on pic for full size image.
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