Dutch police begin roadside testing to curb illegal ebikes


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Police in the Netherlands are taking action against those who choose to run the gauntlet and ride illegally powerful ebikes, after seeing record numbers of cycling fatalities in 2022. Roadside testing stations have now been rolled out across the country.

Where ebike riders in the US can hop on powerful ebikes capable of providing assistance up to 28 mph (45 km/h), only a few areas in Europe allow such speeds – and even then, the so-called speed pedelecs may need to be insured and registered, and the helmet-wearing cyclist could require a moped license.

For everyone else, the pedal-assist speed limit is 25 km/h and motor power is capped at 250 watts. Dutch police have noticed a rise in traffic accidents involving cyclists of late – with fatalities reaching a record high in 2022 – and that such figures more or less tally with the increase in the number of ebikes and speed pedelecs in the wild.

More details at New Atlas. Seems a lot of hassle for a €290 fine.
I'm quite happy going 15 to 20 mph on my ebike, but I do wank on the throttle as needed. Yeah, that's 30+mph, but I only do that in situations where I feel the need to keep from getting crushed. If the infrastructure kept me safe from the automobile I would probably be happy at 25kph. That's not the world I ride in.
I wonder how many of these fatalities are actually attributed to illegal e-bikes. The rise in statistics may be due to the increased number of riders on legal bikes as well.
I can understand their concern. I had to upgrade my brakes on my 20 mph Radrover for street duty because I wasn't comfortable with my emergency braking at those speeds. Factor in the average rider are wearing low viz clothing, no mirrors, no front/rear lights, no helmet/eye protection, ear buds, 10%-50% chance of obeying traffic sign/lights, etc... No matter what happens, the bike rider is on the ground or taking a trip to the hospital.
Interesting and important topic, to be sure. But why are we discussing it in 2 separate threads started days apart?

Wish a moderator would combine the threads.
Sometimes I picture Rome as Matthew Mconnaghy drunk in a bucket hat , smoking a spliff , holding a bottle of JD and saying to the other people in the library.

I had to upgrade my brakes on my 20 mph Radrover for street duty because I wasn't comfortable with my emergency braking at those speeds.
My way as well. I discovered my builds were dangerous when panic stops were needed. :eating me to dumb down a build and convert another build to hydraulic,

I often get in trouble for criticizing kit builders using Walfart $200 fat bikes built with middrives capable of >30MPH.