District+ 5 Lowstep


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Has anyone tested this bike?

From the specs, it's everything the Gazelle Ultimate C380 should be in 2023. Not available in the US market apparently.

Enviolo Automatiq shifting
Air fork with 60 mm travel
Seatpost suspension standard (shorter rides like my wife could benefit from this since)
60 mm super moto tires
6 piston 180 mm brakes front and rear

Ask me why I have never trusted TREK as an e-bike manufacturer :)

Seriously speaking, TREK has now embraced 5 different e-bike motor systems, and I am very skeptical to how the brand will ever come out of that situation.


This is the model listing for the United States. No District+ here. I could find the District in the European websites only.


While the U.S. site lists 10 e-bike model lines, it is 12 of them in the Polish site.

Now, let us list the motor systems that TREK has used:
  • Bosch, older generation
  • Bosch, Smart System
  • TQ HPR50
  • Hyena
  • Fazua
I'm sure they had more systems!
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