Delite GX (2018) Brake upgrade help.

So the rotor is surely contacting the pad but does it happen randomly or only after repeated braking causing heat build up and warpage?
Replaced the rotor and pads (with Ice Tech pads) at the same time, yes. The clicking does not happen randomly - only when applying the brake. The clicking is identical whether it is the first brake application after a day of the bike being unused, or if I’ve been braking heavily for an hour straight, so I don’t think it’s related to heat build up or warpage.
One more detail: While troubleshooting this, my LBS put on a different front brake caliper and the clicking was still identical and again only with 2 piece rotors.
the only thing that comes to mind in your case is that the 2 piece rotors sit ever so slightly off-centre compared to the one piece. It should be possible to adjust for this though.
I would think that a click is something catching and releasing or something not quite tight enough shifting. That said, with a one piece rotor not making a noise and the two piece making one, I have to suspect that the outer disk rotor rivet attachment to the cast aluminum center piece is shifting slightly causing it to click. The fact that a second one from the same dealer is doing that makes me suspect a batch of rotors coming from the manufacturer with the same issue; especially considering that I have never experienced that issue with my Delight Mountain on which I installed the same brake components and have ridden almost 4,000 miles (pads replaced around 3,000 miles). I would think it very difficult to reproduce the same braking conditions in the shop where one could use a mechanics stethoscope to pin point the click,
The LBS mechanic may not have adjusted the calipers to centre the Ice- techs because it was not manifesting the ticking for him? A very slight bend in the rotor when it heats combined with a very slightly misaligned caliper is probably all it takes. If you get the problem solved please let us know.
Guys, I have a superdelite on order that has a Rohloff hub at the back and Magura MT4/MT5 brakes.

I want to upgrade them, but, I have read in here and on other reviews that the rear disc is a special design to fit the rohloff hub and cannot be changed. Is this confirmed please or is there any new news that makes it possible? Thanks.

Also, does the HS come with bigger rotors than the low speed bikes please? Thanks......