Daymak Drive App Settings

It's say daymak you see picture preview
Lol all I know.
I can see it is a Daymak scooter. Not sure which model but it may not have the option of changing settings via the app. As I was saying earlier try a very light application of solder over the shunts. Start slowly and gradually increase checking the motor temps after each application. Just a warning if you need the scooter and can not afford downtime then buy a new controller in case you blow it up.
Anyone have a different dealers code? Akili123 doesn't work for me. Trying to get some more speed out of my bike but l can't access dealer options ... bike only doing 32km ...
Great information. I have the em3 and cannot seem to get the four finger swipe to work? Would anyone have any suggestions?

Hi guys I have a em1 and I'm having trouble getting my new throttle to work .I got the new throttle from daymak but someone had replaced the throttle before me and messed up the wiring and I've been having trouble trying to get it to work .need help please
Can you exlain how plz?
I don't know where to start I've tried everything
Can you exlain how plz?


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