Creo SL vs Vado SL

I've used all of the spacers to raise my Creo bars and then replaced the stem with one with a higher (highest??) rise to accommodate my old neck. I still prefer the multiple hand positions of a drop bar.

It is probably not evident in the photo. But in the second photo you can see how my custom was designed to raise me up. It is also an @mschwett overlay of the two bikes :)

Creo in Sun backyard2.jpg


ride a creo sl comp carbon, and have them adjust the seat and bars to match the relative positions to the crank of the diverge you rode.

the dampening characteristics of the carbon frame can't be understated - especially on an electric bike, whose frame tubes are huge in diameter compared to a traditional bike.
Don’t rely on two mediums being the same size. They can ride very differently. The geometry plays a big role. I’d have suggested trying a large Creo if the medium hurt your back. It could be you are cramped on it. My drop bar bike is a salsa vaya with a high stack so more upright position. I ride a medium Vado SL but I could only get a 57cm Salsa Vaya. It was a bargain so I took a chance and it is so comfortable. Looking at the Vado and Creo side by side in medium the Creo looks smaller.
A medium Creo may not necessarily use the same size frame as a medium Vado SL. Example is the front fork where a Creo size large uses the same fork as a Vado SL size SM. They have four sizes of Vado SL and five Creo sizes. You have a frame from column A, a fork from column B, stem from column C and a handlebar from column D. They could make a carbon Vado SL without making any new parts if they thought demand would meet the cost for a new catalog version.

I've always assumed the Diverge was the starting point for the Creo design. The Creo is the first carbon frame I've owned/ridden and I have become accustomed to the comfort. I recently rode my semi-custom steel frame bike after a year and I was surprised at the difference in vibration feel. It took a few miles to acclimatize.