CCX Bad controller or display?

Appreciate any advice regarding my CCX that has a strange issue. I've posted about this before, but I think I've narrowed it down but I'm not entirely certain.

When I "start up" the CCX the display comes on fine and things work normally. After a very short distance (like less than 1/4 of a mile or a few blocks to the end of my street) the power cuts out and there is no assist. The display shows like normal but it feels like a tons of bricks just hit me without the assist. I stop the bike, turn off the battery button, and turn it back on while holding down the 'on' button on the display for about 20 seconds. Sometimes it will start back up just like normal and I never have any more problems the rest of the ride. Sometimes I have to repeat the "restart" procedure a few times. Sometimes after the 'restart' when I pedal I can hear the motor/pedal assist trying to come on. It's almost like an engine revving up but then it doesn't go anywhere.

I disconnected the break cutouts so I know that isn't a problem. I checked and double checked the rear wheel spacing. I've cleaned and even replaced the cadence sensor. I checked the connections of all the wires. I checked around the battery connections. I just don't understand why it works fine after I get past this initial issue. Could it be something wrong with the sensor or the display?

Thanks for any ideas.
Luv the Name 😅 I've had a RipCurrent S since 2019 w/ a few miles on it and haven't had your same experience. I'm not sure what you mean by "double checked the rear wheel spacing", I'm going to assume you mean the Torque/Cadence sensor spacing (gap) since you've replaced it.
I just bought the New RipCurrent S w/ the Chinese knock off Logan Brakes (which plug into the Tektro Brake sensors) and LTWOO 9 speed shifter over a Shimano Cassette with the optional 36 Amp Controller. The 36Amp Controller is installed by the customer, IOW, I purchased it separately and have been given a very Good and Simple Manual for making the swap. What I'd recommend is that you look at the video for swapping out these Controllers on the New RCS. I'll try and provide a Link for this vid. Even though you own a CCS, the Controller is stored in the same way as the RCS. I have two reasons for suggesting this. It should give you Great access to all remaining connections you may not have looked at, and it's a very straight forward and simple process.
Another reason for this suggestion is that I had an issue when my RCS was new with the Main Battery Male receptacle mounted within the frame resulting in a poor battery connection to the Controller. It's Surprisingly easy to access and examine, just watch the vid.
I worked on commercial aircraft for living and electrical connectors are definitely on the list of suspects when you've got intermittent power issues. This vid should allow you to examine and clean every electrical connector and perhaps find something amiss that's easily fixed. As a note, there are a few extra wires coming off the Controller that are obviously for other E-Bike manufacturer setups. These extra wires are explained in the vid and should be wrapped/insulated from touching the frame. The CCS and RCS should be pretty close to identical as far as the Controller is concerned.
Here's a link to the Controller access/swap and Battery connector;
Good Luck.