Cannabis, how is it legalized?

Years ago, when growing was illegal, I sprouted some seeds from what was found in the bottom of the bag. One plant was super stoney from the get go, like at 3 inches tall! Between me and my wife at the time that plant never stood a chance. Wish I would of propagated it, but weed was illegal then and I was also subject to a random and/or post accident pee tests.
This actually looks like it could be a cool hobby i could get into,..

I'd suggest growing in Coco Coir and using chemical nutes.

Regular miracle grow works pretty good and Cannibis has almost the same nutritional requirements as tomatoes.

I'm changing my recommendation of using coco coir to using regular potting mix instead.

Coco coir does grow bigger better plants, but it's actually more complicated.
The PH in coco is supposed to be at around 5.8 to grow Cannibis and in regular potting soil Cannibis grows around PH 7.2
Potting soil comes premixed at about PH 7.2 with nutrients and PH buffers to keep the PH balanced.

My current baby plant is having issues and almost died.
I had to mix up some weak nutrient solution and PH it to 5.8

That involves me having to use my PH meter and my TDS meter, and PH down and RO water and all kinds of measurements.

If you just want to grow your first plant simply and easily, then potting soil is the way to go.
Potting soil (like Miracle Grow, or Pro-Mix) does have some nutrients in the mix, that might be enough nutrition for the plant until you are ready to harvest.

It's when you grow a HUGE plant that you need to feed it every day, and keep track of the PH and TDS and that gets to be Te D iouS. 😂

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I'm changing my recommendation of using coco coir to using regular potting mix instead.

Coco coir does grow bigger better plants, but it's actually more complicated.
In my former life I had dozens of soil products run through the laboratory we used. All coco samples were extremely salty from being soaked in salt, ocean, water before breaking down.

Next, I find pH to be over emphasized. The soil biology is the most important factor in my experience.
I started some Hella Jella from Humboldt Seeds in July. got a good yield (6z per) considering the late start. I no longer desire to grow large plants…too much work now…and too vulnerable to storms. I threw one excess plant in the gopher hole that broke my hand (tractor) in spring. I put soil from my last grow in the hole and mostly ignored it until it began to shine.
You can't swing a dead cat in Oregon without hitting a dispensary. On the way to the grocery today I saw a sign out at a dispensary by the road that advertised $49 oz's...... Medical marijuana, basically a couple hundred $/yr fee and a phone consult with a doc to tell them that you have a bad back etc., has been legal here for years and recreational for the last 4/5 I think. Bottom line is states, still a federal offence re; you can get busted using on federal land, figured out that there was mucho dinero to be made taxing it as well as the fact that it really isn't as dangerous a drug as they always let on. In fact you don't hear anything at all about stoners getting into trouble, not anywhere nearly as much as drunks anyway.

There are many legal grows now but also still some off the book operations. Now that there is a steady market for it a real effort has been made to make as many strains as possible available and some can be soft and some can be very strong. Also the edible market has blown up and all manner of those are available not just brownies anymore.

Not sure how many states there are now that have adopted legal marijuana but it seems like every November there are at least a few that do. There are more states that have medical laws than recreational laws at least.

Oh and CBD production is also very popular and growing hemp was all the rage a few years ago. That market has been taken over by large crop farmers though that can use their existing land/machinery to grow acres at a time. Small growers that tried it mostly went back to THC varieties.
It is legal in Illinois, and that is a good thing. You can get reliable "slight attitude adjustment" edibles. I have no interest in the stuff that glues your butt to the couch for 8 hours. Save that stuff for the folks with stage 4 cancer.
The PH in coco is supposed to be at around 5.8 to grow Cannibis

My current baby plant is having issues and almost died.

Well that plant crapped out so I ditched it for the third time.

I'm starting my 4th plant.

I think my PH and PPM were off, so I flushed the planter with 2 gallons of weak nutrient solution at PH 5.5 and 115 PPM of Maxigro veg nutrients.

We'll see what happens this time,..

It is legal to grow and consume Marijuana here but it is illegal to ship or transport interstate.
I know. I mailed my cousin in Las Vegas
1/4 pound and usps intercepted it.
How did that go for you and your cousin?
Audrey lives!

Audrey is looking good !!
She's a toddler now. 😂


I noticed that the upper leaves were cupping, with the serrations curling around.
I figured that she was trying to moderate her transpiration because she feels sick?
Maybe She's Having A Heart Attack??!!

I gave it half a liter of LITFA and shut the door. Lol 😂

I pick up cannabis this morning before performing house maintenance and yard work definitely help my back and I napped for 2 hours peacefully no dreams.
I just waking now.
Good morning everybody ☺️!!
19:35 in paradise it's cold below 70F in Wahiawa.
I was given edible CBD gummy. I have not try. Maybe I'll wrap it give it away for Christmas.


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How many days to harvest?
I don't have experience growing indoors.
I had grown outdoors, one trick I did was when the pakalolo is 3-4' feet tall I tie a string on the top and bend the plant fooling it to yield big buds from its side branches. 5 months I get a nice yield.
How many days to harvest?

It is an Autoflower so it automatically starts flowering in about 4-5 weeks.

It takes 9-14 weeks from seed to harvest depending on the strain and how ripe you want your plant to be.

I usually wait until the trichomes are 50% white and 50% amber.

Beautiful can you make trichomes gold color. I web search that word I don't what means.
Trichomes are microscopic droplets of resin that start off clear, then turn white, then amber.

It's the stuff that sticks to your fingers when you're handling buds.
Better weed is stickier and has more resin.
The trichomes can be over 25% THC

The trichomes are on the female flowers (buds) of the plant.
You only smoke female flowers. The rest of the plant and all the boys are culled.

You could smoke an ounce of male plant and you wouldn't get stoned.

Back in the 70's pot plants were about 2% THC.
Nowadays some plants are close to 30% THC.
Amber colour trichome is what I got this morning Amber and Gold sometime look same.