Cannabis, how is it legalized?

Amber colour trichome is what I got this morning Amber and Gold sometime look same.

Yeah, a lot of the weed names have the word "gold" in it.
Weed also has flavors to them called terpenes.
There's lots of different names for strains based on their terpene profile.

Fantastic man! How tall does it need to bloom?

This tall,..
About four feet.


More than a pound from my last plant in a 21"X21"X 48" tall closet.
500 Watts of lighting and 4 liters of nutrient solution every day.
My plant is 3½ feet tall now and flowering.
I've switched her to flowering nutes and I turned on all the lights.

My plant is filling in.
I don't think she's going to be a record breaker but she's not done growing yet.

I smoked a bunch of Canabis.
My neighborhood is like a war zone every body is holstered.
Popping fireworks.
again Audrey sez.'feed me"!

Oh yeah, I forgot.
Both Audrey and my cat get RO water as well, and my plant is drinking 3 liters a day.

I actually bought the RO filter for the plant so that I'd know exactly what she was getting in her nutrition without guessing what was in the tap water.

Calcium and magnesium are essential to plant life (as well as humans and all animals).
Normal plant food doesn't have calcium in it because it doesn't dissolve very well and can clog up sprayer nozzles, and it's assumed that calcium is naturally in the tap water, but there is none in rain water and our town drinking water source is river water which is mostly rain water.

Well water can have HUGE amounts of calcium which really messes with the PH and is a PITA to deal with.

My cat gets RO water with a few drops of vinegar to help prevent bladder and kidney stones which is quite common and can kill a cat.

Cats are carnivores and their digestive system doesn't deal well with minerals, but domesticated cats have evolved somewhat to deal with human food and table scraps.

My dad had kidney stones once and was pissing blood.
He ended up in the hospital where he finally pissed them out.

Imagine trying to pass broken glass.
OUCH !!!

Vinegar in the cat's mineral free water helps to dissolve and prevent stones.
Either the male or female cat (I forgot which?) has a smaller urethra so it's worse for them.
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I had Korean GF that drinks Braggs vinegar with water. She couldn't pronounced the word vinegar.
When she says it her pronunciation sounds like "Big Ni$ga"
We were at Sam's market and she wanted vinegar and she asked a couple Sam's employees where the vinegar is and they could not understand what she was saying. They looked at me with amazement and I said vinegar. It was where all the condiments were.
Anyway she got deported back to Korea her tourists permit expired.
My dad was told to eat lots of a acidic foods after the kidney stone incident.
Oranges, lemons, limes, tomatoes, etc. and their juices.
Even cola with its phosphoric acid is good, but as always too much of anything is bad.

Except weed of course.
You can smoke that stuff by the pound. 😂
What a freaking nightmare man.
I got mess on my yard from fireworks droppings.
I have to schedule solar techs to climb on top the roof to clean my solar panels.