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Hello guys, I just bought a Cube Reaction Race with the Bosch CX drive. I was wondering where I can get some kind of skid/protection plate for it. Something that would mount underneath the drive unit to protect it from bumps/hits over rocks and logs.
If any of you have any idea please let me know.

Perhaps order up a set of KTM motor covers. Available in orange, white and grey.

Mine below.

mc1.JPG mc2.JPG
Thanks Eddie. Do you know where I can order a set from?
Also, from the looks of it, I'm not sure it would fit my unit. Looks different than what I have.
The frame shape is the important bit.

From the image that you have shown, the case is the same as that fitted to my Lycan. On my bike, the cases will fit either bike, CX powered and Performance Line powered.

I was having a chat about motor cases today with the UK Bosch rep, and he was showing me the variations in case design, from one manufacturer to another. Bosch produce a couple of generic ones, then manufacturers either use those, or mould their own. Haibike perhaps being the most elaborate.

I'll try and pop into my local Cube dealership, and double check for you.

In respect of ordering some if they do fit, I'm afraid that I can't help with that one. I'm waiting to get a second myself, to fit to the Lycan.
Here are some images of my Cube bike setup. Thanks for the insight Eddie.
8pY0sju.jpg C0EeN75.jpg c5iufZ4.jpg
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I'd certainly say that the KTM version would fit, but beyond that I sadly have no idea.

The cases that you have are actually surprisingly durable. Obviously they aren't going to take a severe bashing, but I doubt that the one fitted to the KTM would either.

I also forgot to say, nice choice of bike. :)
EddieJ is right. You aleady have a protective case that could be replaced if damaged - the CX motor in its 'natural' state shows off its metal case & has no plastic outer casing - Cube chose to fit an outer plastic casing.

No idea how much stronger (if any) the KTM one is but it definitely looks to be better at 'skidding'.

You'd have to take the existing cases off to fit the KTM ones. I've not yet had reason to remove mine but I'll bet ten Bob & a toffee apple that the Cube frame/mounts would look real fugly without those current covers. If I were you, I'd remove the cases for a look-see before ordering anything.
Another consideration is that the fully enclosed case, is actually quite efficient at keeping moisture/water out.

Although it doesn't look like it, the very small side covers as fitted my hardtail with the bash plate, leaves the wiring quite exposed.

case 1.JPG