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I live in northern Vermont where we have limited access to full-fledge ebike dealers. I have learned a great deal watching a great many of Court's reviews and reading the discussions. It has been invaluable. Based my local terrain and the solid Bosch reputation, I became convinced that a Bosch ebike made the most sense to me. I scoured the excellent web sites of the New Wheel and Propel Bikes and have had excellent phone advice from Karen at the New Wheel and Chris and Kyle at Propel. Chris has also been very responsive to email correspondence.

I ended up purchasing an Electra townie Go from our local Trek dealer. This allows me to get into ebiking with a Bosch drive, internal gear hub, rack, fenders, lights, and local support. Our locals are quickly coming up to speed on the Bosch-based bikes. Although our coastal friends didn't make a sale (this time), I want to thank them for the tremendous ambassadorship for ebikes they are providing. They provided a foundation of information along with EBR that allowed me to really understand the state of the art and to get into the market where I otherwise would have stayed on the sidelines. I hope that someday my budget will allow me to get back in touch with these guys to special order an awesome Riese & Muller bike (maybe a Nevo Nuvinci high speed) as a future step along my ebike pathway.

Many thanks,

Dennis from Vermont