1. New Rider

    Thule Easy Fold XT with two Electra Townie Bosch Low Step

    We have a pair Electra Townie Low Step with the bosh mid drive. We just bought the Thule Easy Fold XT. It works great with a pair of townies We had to take the batteries off and load the first bike with the pedals at a certain angle. blog article with pictures and bike loading hints
  2. ogonzo

    Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru Display swap

    The standard display only shows battery level & assist level. Are there any displays out there that I could swap out to show more detailed info such as speed and distance traveled?
  3. R

    My 2004 Electra Rat Fink ebike conversion

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd finally join this forum after seeing the great community helping each other out, apologies as I am a bit of a newbie to ebike world, but am enjoying it so much when it works, it really suits the cruiser style of bike and has been immense fun to ride. I have an Electra...
  4. S

    Considering Townie (or Commute) Go! but want to add bottle-holder . . .

    I'm wondering what is the best way to affix a Boomerang alarm/GPS-tracker to a Electra since they don't come with built in bottle-holder bosses. Although I live in one of the best towns in California for cycling (Redlands), none of the staff in the local shops (I've visited 3 and spoken to six...
  5. T

    XL, tall, middle-aged woman seeks suitable step-thru e-bike ;-)

    What a great site and forums! I've asked Court to review the Electra Loft Go! with step-through frame. Wanting to get into some semblance of shape again after too many years at a desk job, I would like to find an electric bicycle to be gentle on my knees when needed on starts and hills...
  6. O

    Bi-coastal thanks

    I live in northern Vermont where we have limited access to full-fledge ebike dealers. I have learned a great deal watching a great many of Court's reviews and reading the discussions. It has been invaluable. Based my local terrain and the solid Bosch reputation, I became convinced that a...
  7. Tara D.

    An elegant cruiser with minimal controls

    Electra Townie Go Review Comfortable, simple to use and affordable cruiser style electric bike built on the proven Electra Townie platform The SRAM EMATIC system has no computer to mess with, no extra cables or settings to choose, just an on/off button Full review here.