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I'm getting a battery error from my brand new FATHOM. Lighting indicator is flashing red and LED 1 is blinking. Didn't call the dealer yet, figured I stop here first.

Here is the blurb from the manual:

5.4 RideControle ONE
In case of a system error, the RideControl ONE display can show various error messages. Lighting
indicator (H) will flash, accompanied by one of the error code indicators (L) that double as power assist
indicators). Switching off and on will reset the system in most cases. If so, continuing a bike ride is no
problem. Contact a dealer for final test results via Service Tool.
Note: LEDs are numbered from bottom to top.
• LED 5: Heat issue
• LED 4: not applicable
• LED 3: Speed sensor issue
• LED 2: Motor issues
• LED 1: battery issues

Any suggestions for me?
resolved , i have removed the battery and repositioned
I am happy it is solved. I guess you just buy your e-bike. I was so frustrated in first few days too. Each time I see something wrong, I got super nervous. Sometimes even simple shake of your bike may solve the problems ;)