Weird Giant RideControl Ergo error

Justin Curtis

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Poznań, Poland
Hi all. I have a weird issue with the Giant RideControl Ergo on my Giant TRANCE X E+ 3 PRO 29 2021.
The lights on the controller start flashing after different periods of time, sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes 1st after an hour.
  1. All the battery level indicators on the controller are lit white (H1 to H5) and are solid
  2. The led between the 2 black buttons (G. Light indicator (white) / Error indicator (red)) flashes red
  3. The middle power assist indicator (F3) on the left flashes white
  4. (See the attached file for the exact lights that are flashing)
Switching the controller on and off solves the issue for a while, then it will start again, even removing the battery does not resolve the issue.
I've shown my Giant dealer the video and they don't know what it is. It's not shown in the Ergo manual and I haven't been able to find any information about it on the internet.
Has anyone else seen this issue before?


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So, if it's F3 then it might be a speed sensor issue... it does state this in the manual actually!
And I remember now, that there are some kind of power surges, meaning there is not a constant flow of power, but it seems that it goes on and off.
I will try and replace the speed sensor cable (warranty just ran out in April) and see if this solves the issue. I hate dropping the motor as the cabling is a nightmare!!
Perhaps it is just enough to give the speed sensor some cleaning (compressed air) and wipe the magnet? It has worked on my e-bike from another brand.