XNITO Old School Indiegogo Class 3 Ebike Helmet Review


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Hi guys! I often visit Indiegogo and Kickstarter to see new electric bike projects. Recently, I stumbled upon the XNITO Old School Helmet, which proclaims that it's a new class of helmet protection that's 87% better than CPSC. It has bright rechargeable integrated front and rear safety lights that are much better than average. It provides side and rear physical coverage beyond most regular bicycle helmets, and is designed to withstand higher impacts. It's over 50% funded right now, and I am not associated with the project at all... but the founder Benjamin Dai says that they are already starting manufacturing, and this is a side business from his already successful consulting company called Tunabear. So, when I reached out to ask about it, he offered to send me a demo unit to try out. I created a video review about the helmet which is embedded below, and I'm attaching a few photos as well.

Some things that I learned about the helmet:
  • The XNITO name is a play off of the phrase "in cognito" so I guess they want high quality or extra strong without looking clunky
  • This particular helmet line is called the Old School Collection
  • Ben Dai is from San Francisco, and he runs a consulting company called Tunabear that is 12 years old. They do ERP software and have worked with clients such as Cal State. I'm sharing this because sometimes Indiegogo products are delayed or don't make it to market... so this is like background research if you're thinking about backing the project.
  • The helmet is designed to offer protection for riding up to 28mph 45km/h vs. normal CPSC helmets that are rated to 15 miles per hour.
  • This helmet is NTA-8776 certified, rated for Class 3 ebikes. It offers more coverage at the temples and back and is closer to a DOT moped or motorcycle helmet, but much lighter
  • There are 7 styles / colors available at launch, which are shown in the video: Logan, Valkyrie, Urbanite, Gull, Hemp, Lightning, Disco
  • The Indiegogo page says they are already into production on the helmet, and Ben assured me that they will go to market
  • It has 14 rear red LEDs with 3 modes: blinking, solid, wave
  • It has 6 front white LEDs with 2 focusing beams that are pretty bright
  • The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours, it can be fully recharged in 3 hours with the included Micro USB cable
  • It has an adjustable inner plastic crown with twist tightener. I found that it's a rounder helmet, but the crown still fits my oval head
  • It's a one size fits all, and fit my head of 60cm (23.62in). They say it fits 21.26 to 24.02 inches
  • Inside it has a moisture wicking soft inner liner that is removable and washable
  • The helmet only weighs 400 grams (0.8lb) vs. my CPSC ABUS helmet that is 350 grams (0.7lb)
  • It comes with a removable visor brim that is made of fabric
  • There are 10 vents in the helmet that provide good air flow
  • The electronics are IPX4 rated: protected against splashing water, no matter the direction... so you could use it in the rain
best-helmet-for-class-3-electric-bikes.jpg xnito-old-school-ebike-helmet-review-indiegogo.jpg lightweight-safe-bicycle-helmet-with-led-lights.jpg

xnito-ebike-helmet-logan-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-valkyrie-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-urbanite-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-gull-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-hemp-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-lightning-color.jpg xnito-ebike-helmet-disco-color.jpg
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No chin guard. In 64 years of riding I've never hit the top back or side of head. I've dumped chin on road 6 times. Stitches from e-room twice, broke chin once. Search term for ventilated bike helmet with chin guard is "downhill mountain bike racing helmet". I've never raced in my life.
My Fox Rampage helmet is white with yellow letters on the back. I like to be seen if they are going to drive over me. OTOH the two other e-bike riders here wear black or dark gray on black bikes, and a gimme cap instead of a helmet. That urbanite color would fit right in. At least there are LED's that might work in the rain. My LED bike lights fail once or twice a year due to rain damage. The $280 garmin light+radar is working into the 3rd year.
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I am looking for a new bike helmet. I have a class 3 ebike. Nevo 3 R&M with speed motor. I have a big head. 62-63cm.

I would like NTA 8776 with MIPS.

I can not find a complete list of NTA certified helmets anywhere. I have been searching for 2 weeks. Can anyone please help?

I ordered 2 of these and one has arrived. Very comfortable and looks great. Waiting for my 2 EBC Model Rs to arrive at the end of the week so we can use them. The other one is suppose to arrive today.
Need a lockable helmet. Only the Thousand brand offers this. Hope this changes cuz I would like a helmet with this standard.