Bashguard / Skidplate etc


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Hey guys.

About to buy the Levo. Getting some DT wheels built up also, pretty dang excited!

BUT has anyone seen a carbon fibre skid plate for the bottom of the frame? I know there is the battery guard, but what about the bit of the frame at the bottom?

The demo bike I tested had some GNARLY gauges taken out of it, really bad. Too the point i'd suggest it could be a structural issue...

Dunno man, it was a huge gauge, like deep enough to swallow the end of a pen!

Regardless, jumping up rocks on my 8K bike I'd like some protection, there has got to be something out there!
Hello, suffering the exact same problem, but mostly the plastic motor covers breaking or the bolts that hold them in place bending. Think at the last count it was 4 right hand covers & 3 left ones. Longing for somebody to come up with a proper aluminium sumpguard.