Ayup (Hello) From South Yorkshire, UK

Eddy Rush

New Member
Hello good folk...or 'Ayup' as we say here in Yorkshire. :)

Upon doing some initial research into E-Bikes, I happened upon this wonderful website so it's great to be here.

Now for a little background. I've been a casual biker for many years now, using them mainly for commuting, general riding and gentle off-roading...nothing too extreme, just tootling along the Yorkshire countryside.

I'm in my late 40's now so am looking into getting my first E-Bike to help things along on my trails so I hope this is the right place to ask questions and hopefully get a good recommendation on which E-Bike would suit me best.
@Eddy Rush, there are as many answers to your questions as there are members here, so you will have options to consider! Tell us a little more about the trails you're wanting to ride--are they steep, rocky, muddy or packed dirt & gravel? Any of that kind of info helps us help you, along with budget considerations and style of bike you like. Also think about whether you might want accessories like a rear rack for a day trip or errands or fenders for those challenging weather days. Welcome to the EBR Forum :)
Hello Ann,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Ok, to keep good order and in good favour with the admins :) I'll pose all my questions in the 'Help Choosing an Ebike' section.