Aventon Display won't stay on Trip A Screen


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I've read posts where others mention the lack of a trip odometer that you can watch as you ride on the main screen of the Aventon bikes. I ride an Aventure2. Did anyone figure out a solution?

I'm using Ride with GPS app on my phone but it sure does kill a battery

If RideWithGPS is draining your phone battery (as it did mine at first), go to the handlebar mode settings and disable the screen always on feature. Big improvement in phone battery life, and you can always wake up the screen temporarily with a press of the phone's power button.

I also carry a 3-foot USB cable to feed the phone from the 1.2 amp USB port on my bike battery as needed. The USB port on the bike display would be a tidier solution cable-wise, but my phone won't charge on its meager 0.5 amp output.
There's a USB port in the bottom of the display on the Aventure.2. It won't really charge a phone, but it will keep the battery from depleting.

Not sure if your battery issue is Ride With GPS specific -- I've used Strava, Komoot, and the Mission Control app with the display locked on and battery life has been fine, but I do have a modern phone.
Good idea on the USB maintainer from the bike, I was configuring a mount for a power bank in my head.
Thanks Ben on the other app suggestions. I just landed on Ride with GPS because I seem to be able to use the whole app without a bunch of pay requirements.
I don't care for plugging into the USB port on the display. What I did was mount a 20,000 mah "Pocket Juice" power pack below the seat. I ran the cable up through the wire track in the battery compartment and out to the handlebars. I can charge the powerpack while it's on the bike and it lasts for untold hours. Still need to spiral wrap the cable.
As far as cycling apps go, I use SuperCycle. It's absolutely free, all data is kept on your phone, so you are safe from "collecting". Your ride can be exported to Google maps, and.... You can create a route online with plotaroute and import that route to the app. Great when trying out a new route or trail.

Example..... https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2365314?units=miles


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I repurposed my now retired iPhone SE2 for use as a bike computer when my Garmin Explore died. The SE2 no longer functions as a phone (no SIM, moved the service to newer iPhone 14), but the GPS still works perfectly. So...I did some research and found out that Komoot lets you buy downloadable maps so you don't need cell service to use maps. I bought a Quad-Lok mount and now have a dedicated bike GPS with maps. It indicates my trip data in real time, and keeps a history of my rides with Komoot (which I had been doing for the last 12 years by linking it to my Garmin). So, my entire history is there. I chose Komoot solely because of the downloadable maps and no subscription fee. I can go 20 miles and my battery drops from 100% to about 80%. For longer rides I would probably get a very short cable to go from the USB port on my Pace 500.3 to the Lightning port on my phone.