Anyone own a SIMBB 29R and willing to share their impressions/experience?

Ray R

New Member
I'm on the fence between this bike, and a Specialized Turbo S.
If you've had a chance to own one, or have had a good road test, I'd like to hear from you!

From talking with Jim, it sounds like the bikes now have 5 levels of pedal assist. But they don't use torque sensors. It must be cadence based?
No experience with the Specy, but I've got a SIMBB motor on an aftermarket frame. It's got a throttle which can be feathered to give you exactly the amount of assist you need. Depending on your speed, power level, and gearing there can be a bit of hesitation before the motor kicks in which you'll need to get used to but it's not a deal killer. It's powerful, but that's a relative term and my rig is 55 pounds so assuming the Specy is lighter than that you may have better luck with that. The best thing for me is working with Jim who is a real person and can address anything immediately and knows these motors intimately, as opposed to the corporate giant to whom you're just a source of $ to fund their racing conglomerate. Good luck getting help through those layers of corporate bureaucracy. Plus they only sell thru dealers so you'll be paying full up retail plus tax...I know Optibike has sales fairly often. Have fun on your search!