Anybody tried Ruff Lil'Buddy?

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Unless you are a maintenance wizard, it is best to buy a bike from a dealer that will back it up with service. I'm pretty good at maintenance. I ordered some kit parts from the internet to convert the bike left and wasted $500 throwing things away or abandoning them for something better. Cheaper than a whole bike, though. Only one dealer is within 100 miles here with one expensive brand, and I had my project going before he started up.
If you're in Chicago, you're in luck. There are dealers there. Go down to Mike's e-bikes who posts here a lot, or Crazy Larry up in Wisconsen. Big selection both places. Other stores may be nice but don't get talked about here. Try some bikes on for size, maybe test ride a few. Take your helmet! For lowest price point at decent performance look up the magnum & juiced dealer. Not a lot of hills around Chicago.
Have fun shopping.
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I don't personally care what a bike one can't buy in USA does. There is a ton of information here about the different parts of the e-bike market to serve different needs. Court reviews lots of ebikes on the main site. You can read it, or order some garbage from far away as I did before I had read so much. Look at the discussion by type to read about the different types, one might match what you saw in the video. Or just jump onto the lastest fad based on an ad. Not my style.